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Automated Electricity Metering System "Continium"

Developer:  Qulix Systems  |  all projects

The system is designed for automated registration, accumulation and processing of detailed electrical consumption information for public sector and industrial customers.

The system consists of the following modules:

•    Object management module is used for registration and maintenance of AEMS object structure;
•    Local data collection blocks (LDCB) management module is used for LDCB configuration and data collection;
•    Data collection and transmission meters (DCTM) management module is used to perform configuration and diagnostics of DCTM technical condition;
•    Analysis module is used to analyze and export collected data, display consumption anomalies and control object's technical condition;
•    Administration module is used to administer the system's database and users;
•    Installation module is meant for automatic installation, update and removal of the system from the user's PC;
•    Object's database is meant for centralized storage of all collected data.

Aside from basic functions the system contains a set of extended features for the customer's support personnel.

Customer(-s): The client is IAC of scientific and technical research "Continium"

Target area

Programming languages:

Technologies: CVS, C++ Builder 5, MS Project, Rational ClearQuest, Rational Rose 2003, Sybase ASA 8.0, OOP/OOD/ADO/OLEDB /ODBC/STL /VCL

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