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EPAM Aligns Business Processes at a mobilcomaustria group’s Branch

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Following the acquisition, velcom faced a major overhaul in terms of business processes management to conform to European standards. The biggest challenge was to map velcom's existing processes to those defined by SAP modules, and especially to align the accounting plans that corresponded to the Belarusian law with the plans specified in IFRS (International Financial and Reporting Standards)/IAS (International Accounting Standards).

velcom turned to EPAM with the request to localize mobilkomaustria group's internal policies and a business processes template so that it could be adopted locally with expected delivery in 3 months' time.

The roll-out information management system is set to support velcom's operations in line with local business specifics, legal norms, as well as mobilkomaustria group's corporate policies. The system leverages the robust capabilities of SAP functional modules such as FI (Financial Accounting), CO (Controlling), MM (Materials Management), and SD (Sales and Distribution). Along with mobilkomaustria group's internal policies, the solution is designed to reconcile velcom's domestic legislation and accounting specifics with the international IFRS /IAS standards.

The project resulted in the following benefits accrued by velcom:

•    better control of the enterprise-wide business processes related to financial and administrative reporting pursuant to both local and international standards;
•    high system reliability and scalability to integrate extra applications to support growing company’s activity;
•    EPAM’s mentoring to 200+ velcom employees helping them accelerate the learning curve;
•    dedicated support team ready to handle any issues or questions connected with the system;
•    minimized risks associated with large scale overhauls.

Customer(-s): mobilkomaustria group (now A1 Telekom Austria AG after the merger with Telekom Austria AG in July 2010) is the leading mobile service provider in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) being represented in eight countries. In 2007 mobilkomaustria group acquired a 70% stake in Cypriot SB, the sole owner of velcom, the first operator of mobile communication of GSM standard in Belarus.

Review(-s): “During the project EPAM's professionals have demonstrated outstanding project management competency, advanced knowledge of SAP architecture and its customization, deep understanding of the domestic legal norms, as well as effective communication skills. These allowed us to achieve greatly satisfying results and solidify our partnership for future projects.”

Denis Filazafovich, Deputy General Manager, Economic Development velcom

“Thanks to the EPAM project team for the outstanding performance in this truly challenging project and for the great team spirit!”

Thomas Königshofer, Head of Project Office Group mobilkomaustriagroup

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Programming languages:

Technologies: SAP (FI, CO, MM, SD)

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