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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solution for Healthcare Organization

Developer:  ScienceSoft  |  all projects

This SIEM solution provides log management capabilities, deep data analysis, and comprehensive customizable reports to be compliant with generic regulations of the healthcare industry in the US. The main features of this solution are its stability, advanced human-understandable General Event Model, and compliance reporting capabilities. ScienceSoft was chosen as the solution provider because of its strong background in the SIEM area, and particularly, profound expertise in TSIEM since 2004.

ScienceSoft's consultants implemented an original data collection and processing mechanism capable of combining information from several sources (special healthcare applications and a transactions database) into an integral and complete data structure suitable for further processing. Custom event sources and User information sources were implemented in order to provide normalization and grouping mechanisms to build a data structure compliant with W7 standard. Several sets of reports were created covering all requirements related to information visibility and compliance regulations: 

• Financial access reports
• On-demand reporting by personnel and patients ID/Names, type of the transaction
• VIP patients audit
• Employee admitted as Patient reports
• Physician access reports

The resulting solution is capable of processing up to 700,000 medical transaction events per day. The solution is successfully deployed, tested for performance, stability and data integrity in production environment, and all information is successfully transferred to the Customer's side.

Target area

Programming languages:

Technologies: SQL, TSIEM, DB2, WAS, TDI, VMWare, GSL, GML, GEM, W7, GVS, RegExp, Batch, Shell, Python

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