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Customer QA LAB

Developer:  EffectiveSoft  |  all projects

The Customer QA Lab is organized to verify and validate DotNetNuke (DNN) modules written by the software development community. There is also a portal developed by EffectiveSoft for the Customer where any DNN community developer can publish his module when the module has passed verification by the Customer QA Lab. The lab's dedicated and highly skilled team of software engineers is responsible for the certification of DNN software modules that have successfully passed all requirements. In the Customer QA Lab tested not only functional requirements of the module but security, usability and performance. QA lab takes a new module through a QA process and runs 5,000 individual tests on this software. After that a full report with test results is created and published both for the developer of the module and for the Customer. And the developer has the opportunity to go back and to continue improving their module and their piece of software to make that entire piece of software really work well in a hosted environment and cut down the risks. Each developer has the opportunity to do it. The hoster has the opportunity to look at the results of the QA and security work that we're doing, and they can pick up and choose, based upon their own criteria, which modules they want to use. What is important for us is to make the information transparently available to them. DotNetNuke is an Open Source Framework ideal for creating professional Web applications and is based upon Microsoft ASP.NET technologies. Results: ??? Each QA engineer has skills in several technologies and testing methodologies. This results not only in professional verification of the application but also in useful recommendations to developers of the modules; ??? Team members are experienced in applying QA processes for real-life testing and development.

Resources expended: 12 staff-months

Target area

Programming languages:

Technologies: ASP.NET, MS Visual Studio, DotNetNuke Framework, SilkPerformer, WebInspector, SilkTest, DevInspector

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