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Developer Portal

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Single sign-in web portal is designed for usage of developer tools for managing modules, getting intelligence/reports, optimizing packaging options and pricing models, distribution and customer management. The Developer Portal allows performing common tasks in getting product(s) ready for the market.

By means of this portal one can define packages which will be offered in the future, run online software protection, track licensing activations and perform billing. Protection & packaging tools ensure the follwing: - To virtually eliminate piracy and IP theft with the most flexible combination of code protection and packaging tools available. All of these tools are available within the easy-to-use, powerful environment of the Developer Portal. - Code protection tool set is delivered with the highest level of IP protection available by applying private permutation techniques unique to each vendor. Unlike some technologies which rely on a default generic security mask (permutation) that is available to hundreds of software publishers the offered tool incorporates a vendor-specific permutation, at no additional cost, for all products protected through the system. This permutation contains unique encryption keys for the protected code functions as well as a unique virtual compiler to generate the proprietary code transformation.Pricing & promotion tools ensure the following: - Flexible pricing models a key to maximizing revenue and aligning the product price with the Customer's value. With the use of Developer Portal a single set of code can be priced and packaged easily with a multitude of options allowing emphasis to be made on creating and selling the product, not creating the system to do so. Licensing & distribution tools ensure the follwing: - Embedded Code Protection system locks in different sections of application.

This protected application can then be distributed to absolutely any location with 100% guarantee that no one will be able to open these locked sections and use the application unless they have purchased the proper unlocking keys. The Point of Use Activation Process allows an application to be installed by using any standard mechanism. Upon execution of a protected script inside of the application a valid license is checked for, and if not found, the user is prompted for an activation with a friendly, easy-to-use message. If the user has already purchased a valid license he may enter his activation key and immediately activate and begin using the application. If the user has not yet purchased a valid license for the whole application or for some specific application feature he is trying to access he may click the button Get an Activation Key. Upon clicking it the user is presented with an interface to quickly and easily select and purchase a license package for that application.

This provides an excellent way for both newly attracted customers and the existing ones that may be using a trial or limited feature package. All of this happens in an automated, seller-branded, self-service way that requires no management overhead on the part of the seller as well as provides instant gratification for your customers. Point-of-Use License Activation coupled with Point-of-Use License Acquisition is a unique combination of capabilities that the Licensing system provides. During the implementation phase the development of the planned functionality was carried out in compliance with the standard processes and procedures for each iteration.

In total the project has 1 year duration.  Each developer has skills in several technologies and fields. The team members are experienced in development, management, architecture creation taking into account application specifics and requirements.

Resources expended: 80 staff-months

Target area

Programming languages: C#, JavaScript, VB.Net, T-SQL

Technologies: Web Services, Windows Services, Software Architecture, Class Libraries, Web Applications

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