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Company Service Management System

Developer:  EffectiveSoft  |  all projects

The system is designed as the software platform, which is fully-customized, networked interactive menu application, completed with the ordering, payment, and promotional modules that increase revenue growth and enhance the customer’s ordering experience.

The system is built as an-tiers web-based application that allows the staff to store information about the users, customers, trivia, schedules, ads, statistics, printers, tables, pagers, touch screens, PDA, quick surveys, facilities, taxes, notification groups, restaurant menu items. It also allows tracking the Customer’s activity by maintaining the statistics functionality and managing all the hardware like PDA, printers, the central server (local server) without any system hault.

This project was built using IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition as Application server and Derby, as a DB Linux servers were used for this application, the UI part of the project was developed with Flex technology, Backoffice was integrated into the application to configure all the hardware, to mange and build the menu, items, customers, notifications group and other thinhs to order any food quickly and simply. The system supports synchronization with the central server and delivers to the central server all statistics in real time.

The System including the export statistics option to PDF and RTF allows having remove control for each ordering table, managing ads and getting real-time statistics with custom food menu for different tables/time period/customers being used. It also allows calculating compound items like cocktail, etc.

The project covered the following stages: requirements specification, design, development, QA processes and application deployment on the customer’s servers. At the design stage the goal was to develop a technical solution in conformity with the functional specification. A system architect and some software engineers created an architecture base framework (design model) of the future system.

During the implementation phase the development of the planned functionality was carried out in compliance with the standard processes and procedures for each iteration.

In accordance with the QA methodology the following additional procedures were established:

• Unit test creation: the structure of the layer application was optimized for unit testing to the maximum possible extent;

• Code review: all changes in source codes were checked crosswise. In other words developer 1 checked the code of developer 2 and vice versa. In such a way they achieved a high quality of the code, integration of the team knowledge about the system and close cooperation of the team members;

• All sources (as well as all other data for the project) were collected and shared at a dedicated server. Each specialist of the project used a copy of the data from the server;

• Software engineers implemented specific changes and synchronized (update) their copies with other team members’ changes via the server;

• QA team developed and updated test plans and test cases.

•During the collaboration between our companies 5 major releases were successfully completed. In total the project lasted 2 years;
• Each developer has acquired skills in several technologies and fields. The team members became more experienced in development, management and architecture creation taking into account the application specificity and requirements.

Resources expended: 60 staff-months

Target area

Programming languages: J2EE, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Flex, DHTML, .NET

Technologies: J2EE, Ant, Struts, SOAP, EJB, JPOS (EpsonPOS), IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition, Tomcat Application Server, Derby DB, SQuirreL, AXIS, OpenAMF

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