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Knowledge-Based Computer-Aided Innovation Application

Developer:  EffectiveSoft  |  all projects

The Knowledge-Based Computer-Aided Innovation Application contains a rich knowledge base of patented solutions of the most topical innovations and TRIZ-based inventive principles to resolve technical and physical contradictions. The project started more than fours years ago with a plain system mock-up and the minimum of the requirements. The first version of the software solution contained only two modules which were sufficient enough to perform basic tasks related to the problem solution. Since that time 5 major releases have been delivered within the project scope which allowed the Customer to successfully distribute the software on the domestic market. Upon each release the software solution was offered as a complete packaged product. It is a stand-alone application that is delivered within the package of the main product. Due to the sophisticated nature of the product a variety of assisting tools are embedded to make the user feel at ease. These tools are the follwing: Flash demos, Assistant, Help System and Process Browser in the form of diagrams. Results: ??? During the collaboration between our company and the Customer 5 versions of the product were successfully released; ??? Each developer has acquired additional skills in several technologies and fields. The team members became more experienced in development, management and architecture creation taking into account the application specifics and requirements.

Resources expended: 95 staff-months

Target area

Programming languages: C++, SQL

Technologies: Windows Services, Web-Services, Software Architecture, Client-Server Applications, Class Libraries

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