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Advanced School Project

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Today Advanced School consists of more than 50 components. Among them are information analysis systems such as Teaching Staff and Student's Health and Physical Growth Monitoring which are unique products for education systems of the CIS countries. We have also introduced some solutions based on Internet and mobile communication technologies, e.g. Universal Informer or contactless smart-cards, e.g Cafeteria. The Advanced School Project can be divided into the following functional blocks: 1. modules designed to automate the activity of school employees 2. school management automation system 3. school information-communication system. The software modules intended for automation of school employees work are targeted at upgrade of working places of executives like that of the school Director, the Head of Curriculum Department, the secretary, the medical center or the librarian. Each of the modules automates routine operations of the employee. The school management automation system is built around knowledge base principles for a variety subject fields and allows diagnosing and examining students’ knowledge with creation of an individually tailored education path. The school information-communication system enables the user to launch information exchange between the participants of the educational process using the Internet (a school website) and a mobile phone. How does it work? Everyone has personalized access to the school data base. It is also necessary to underline the peculiarities of some program blocks of Advanced School Project which function when contactless smart-cards are applied. Let us consider Cafeteria Project as an example. It is designated to provide cashless payments for meals at a school canteen. Parents can be sure now that their children are fed properly and don’t waste their money for nothing. That is why the money is transferred in advance through the bank onto the account of the organization providing meals. In this case children have to simply present their smart-cards to get meals. Advanced School Project has been developing to meet all the needs which a modern school might have. How to improve the quality of education ? How to enforce discipline in class? How to provide students with enough textbooks? How to monitor the educational process and reveal the problems in time if there are some? How to make teachers not waste their time on routine work? How to make studying more interesting and efficient? How to make your school one of the best in the city and make the children be proud of the fact that they study there? All these issues can be easily solved by the means of Advanced School Project. When using the Advanced school Project software system one can carry out the following tasks: • to form and consolidate reports on academic progress of students; • to plan future school activities; • to fill in the class register book; • to organize knowledge testing on the computer; • to inform the staff, students and their parents about all meetings held at school; • to accumulate academic curriculum and class timetable data; • to create training web-portals, home assignment data pool; • School library catalog, etc.

Customer(-s): Higher education establishments in the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian governmental authorities, Belarusian Ministry of Education, Minsk City Executive Committee and some IT companies.

Target area

Programming languages: C#, C++b

Technologies: Web Services, IIS 5.0 - 6.0, ASP.Net+ Framework 2.0, MS SQL Server, OLAP Services, MS Reporting Services

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