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Galaktika Business Intelligence Tool

Developer:  Top Soft  |  all projects

Galaktika Business Intelligence (BI) is a solution suite for support in decision-making within various spheres of enterprise management. Galaktika BI is targeted at business management intellectual support. - The Galaktika BI Sales System provides effective tracking and control over sales processes, analysis of received results and reliable management decisions taking. It is designed for monitoring, control and analysis of the company's sales activities. - The Galaktika BI Inventory Management System ensures up-to-date management of the company's stock, analysis of its stock turnover tendencies and dynamics, classification of ABC, XYZ and FMR groups which allows to increase the efficiency and simplifies the whole business process management. Expiration data, overstock and turnover analyses ensure in-time and effective customers' order fulfillment and smooth work of the enterprise. The Galaktika BI System has been designed by using state-of-the-art achievements in the IT area which support the follwing modern management techniques: 1. OLAP technologies minimize the risks of getting inaccurate information, increase the speed of data processing and reports creation performance, ensure detailed analyses. (Drill Down ? Drill Up). 2. The possibility to determine Key Performance Indicators (KPI) substantially empowers the enterprise management with the former being in full correspondance with the Balanced Scorecard Methodology. Key Performance Indicators let one determine the existing issues, investigate their nature and develop effective methods of improving the situation within the corresponding area. 3. Microsoft .NET platform as well as the open architecture ensure that the system is individually tailored into the IT infrastructure of the enterprise and is comprehensively adopted to the business process of any enterprise regardless of its specifics and scale of business activities. The Galaktika BI System includes a BI platform that ensures data extraction, transformation and processing with its subsequent integration into the data storage subsystem and conduct of multi-dimension analyses.

Resources expended: 25 staff-months

Customer(-s): Galaktika BI is a mass product that is targeted at various customers. Among our customers are the following companies: British American Tobacco Belarus specializing in production and wholesale of tobacco products, MAB Enterprise operating in production and wholesale of varnish and paint products.

Review(-s): "The advantages we have gained are generation rate, report unification, convenience and data accuracy. Now itís easier to analyze the companyís aggregates, sales dynamics, the structure of financial and commodity flows." Pavel Drozdovich ERP Coordinator, BAT Belarus

Target area

Programming languages: C#, T-SQL, MDX

Technologies: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, SQL Server 2005/2008, Analysis Services, XML/XMLA

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