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Galaktika Complex Items Final Assembly Management Tool

Developer:  Top Soft  |  all projects

Galaktika Complex Items Final Assembly Management is designed for machinery manufacturing and tool engineering enterprises which operate in engineering design and manufacturing of customized products.
The system provides solutions to the following tasks:

  • Normative-reference information required for item assembly;
  • Preparation for item assembly;
  • Planning and analysis of possible assembly terms;
  • Launching assembly tasks and assembly process management.

Unique features of the System include:
  • Automation of planning, control and inventory taking of final assembly processes when manufacturing complex and unique products at a modern engineering enterprise;
  • Management of work scope within a consolidated IT environment.
The system enables maintenance of numerous typified products as well as their modifications including the scope of checklists, assembly tasks and work lists with their their fulfillment. All this permits using a suitable typified product as a template by introducing the required changes into the assembly technology when a new order arrives.

Unique assembly planning system. The system includes unique APS algorithms for a whole range of complex interconnected work operations and their planning which enables creation of executable product assembly plans with the enterpriseís production resources load taken into account as well as searching for available recourses within required qualification and other characteristics. The tools for product output terms planning and feasibility estimation are also available which are used .when a new order is placed by the Customer. The solution offered by Galaktika also features various tools for rapid and effective system customization of the current business processes of the enterprise and its modification without outsourcing qualified specialists. All modification can be carried out by those employees who are responsible for the administration of the system.

Resources expended: 20 staff-months

Target area

Programming languages: C#

Technologies: Microsoft.Net, XAF (eXpress Application Framework, SQL Server 2005/2008

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