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Software Decoder for MPEG-4/H.264 Data Stream

Developer:  NTLab-systems  |  all projects

At the present time video compression algorithms featuring a high compression rate - MPEG-4/H.264 - has started to enjoy an ever growing usage in video transmission applications. This fact can also be proven by terrestrial broadcasting development programs adopted in the EU and Russia which state that in order to make maximum content fit into a single frequency band there should be used algorithms as MPEG-4 or those of a higher compression rate. Creating of MPEG-4/H.264 decoding hardware requires a deep understanding of mathematical methods used in compression algorithms. One of the tools for video data stream disassembly and analysis is a software decoder which allows carrying such an analysis and following comparison between the designed hardware quality with an etalon. 

The designed decoder features are the following:
- Operation under OS Windows; 
- Data stream capture from file and results record into file; 
- Decoded video signal monitoring: in continuous mode and pause mode; 
- Data stream analysis in output of each sequential processing module; 
- Data analysis and visualization at block, macro-block and frame level; 
- Search and analysis of decoding errors. The designed software decoder is now being in use for hardware decoder implementation.

The software decoder granted to holders of a master's degree and graduate students from Computer Systems Department of the Belarusian State Informatics and Radioelectronics University allows making research for a set of degree work projects and using the decoder for scientific research purposes.

Resources expended: 25 staff-months

Customer(-s): This project was implemented on the Company's own initiative with attraction of Company's own investments. The achieved results are the Company's own property.

Target area

Programming languages: C++, VHDL


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