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Protected Microcontroller Software Model for E-Documents

Developer:  NTLab-systems  |  all projects

In practice the work on a large-scale integration IC design starts with creation of a device model which is described in a specialized programming language – VHDL/Verilog. Intensive modeling allows predicting the operability and main parameters of future ICs. When the IC complexity numbers millions of transistors this approach is the only way to avoid expenses which have to be paid for multiple iterations of IC sampling and correction. 

The problem of the development of a protected microcontroller for e-documents could be characterized by the necessity to simultaneously satisfy requirements of several groups with irreconcilable contradictions being present in each of them: scanty supply power versus high computing power; a small die square size versus significant quantity of complicated on-chip blocks; combination of analog and digital blocks within a single device, etc. An appropriate solution for such a problem could be found by optimization of many parameters and requires to take common efforts of developing team members with each member specializing in a different field: operating systems and application software, analog and digital schematics, data storage and protection, etc. 

The designed Model features the following interfaces: 

- Contact data acquisition interface complied with ISO/IEC 7816; 
- Contactless data acquisition interface complied with ISO/IEC14443A. 

It also contains hardware co-processor blocks implementing effective crypto-algorithms and data transmission in compliance with the below-stated standards: 

- Triple DES; 
- AES 128/192/256;
- GOST 28147-89;
- STB 1176.1-99, STB 1176.2-99;
- CRC ISO/IEC 13239. 

To prove workability the designed Model has been verified by running the application software. The followed manufacturing of IC samples carried by the Customer confirmed the fact that the designed microcontroller by its characteristics matches the best analogs available on the market (from NXP and Infineon) and being embedded it will be suitable for creation of the following items: an electronic biometric passport, an electronic driving license, an electronic social security card and other e-documents which impose strict requirements as to reliable data storage and protection.

Resources expended: 95 staff-months


The Customer of the implemented Project is a Russian company which is involved in performing a series of work accomplished within the framework of the federal-level program entitled Development of National Component Base and Radioelectronics.

Target area

Programming languages: C#, VHDL, Verilog


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