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Web Conferencing Project: Making People Closer

Developer:  Qulix Systems  |  all projects

The idea of the project was to create a truly competitive set of applications in the sphere of web conferencing, audio and video conferencing. Phase 1 of the Project was purposed for development of a web conferencing engine without audio and video functionality. It was agreed with the Customer that the WebEx product line should be used as a model for business analysis. In addition it was decided to add several new useful features which the WebEx doesn't have.

Two specialists from the Qulix Systems Company made a deep functional analysis of competitor's products and prepared a set of formal documents with description of business flows, GUI forms, use cases, etc. Architecturally and technically the Project is very complicated and challenging. During our work with the Customer a lot of various aspects were resolved such as Proxy/NAT friendly operation, good performance and compression algorithms, updates delivery and installation, balancing and clustering, etc. EIDOS WC consists of the client side module and server part. One of the general requirements from the Customer was to use the MS.NET platform for the server and Java for the client application. Such a set of technologies allowed having quite fast and efficient back-end as well as portable front-end.

The client application is a combination of a Java application based on SWING and a system-specific agent written in C++ to handle system events. The Java part is common for all operation systems but the system agent is tailored to the OS it is running on - Unix, Linux, Windows, MAC OS. Java WebStart is used for delivery of the client part to the Customer's PCs.

The following major functional modules were developed within the Project:

  • Desktop sharing and remote control;
  • Applications sharing;
  • Slide Show mode;
  • Whiteboard and drawing capabilities, layering, annotations;
  • Record & Playback of a conference;
  • Instant messaging;
  • Online status check, connection status;
  • Voting & questioning;
  • File sharing;
  • Web touring.
EIDOS web meeting applications are delivered on-demand for immediate use with no significant up-front costs, no servers to maintain or software to install. With just a web browser and a telephone set anyone can use EIDOS WC for general meetings or one of the specialized applications for online events, training, sales and support.

Customer(-s): EIDOS, a large Italian telecommunication company which specializes in conferencing solutions.

Target area

Programming languages: C++, Java

Technologies: NET Security, Swing, Java WebStart, MS.NET, Remoting

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