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Mobile Application Porting Case Study

Developer:  Qulix Systems  |  all projects

The Wayfinder system is a route-guidance solution. The client application running in the end-user device presents a user interface and provides location-based services. The client application connects to a remote server for access to map data, processing such tasks as route generation, data synchronization and so on. The client application is split into two parts: one user-interface-independent engine part that is almost the same for all platforms and that can easily be ported and maintained between systems, and one user-interface part (UI) that is connected to the user-interface-independent engine part. 

The UI often needs manual adaptation to work on different platforms since the screen layout, operating-system user-interface components and its API, input methods and so on might differ between platforms. The goal of the project was to port UI to various platforms, namely Pocket PC and Smartphone. Various technical challenges were solved during the Project implementation: usage of GPS data from a GPS source via Bluetooth, connecting via GPRS, convenient map handling as bitmaps, etc. 

Key features of the system:
- Auto-configuration software;
- Multilingual support;
- Integration with GPS via Bluetooth and cable;
- Support for playback of voice instructions.

Resources expended: 48 staff-months

Customer(-s): Wayfinder Systems, a provider of wireless navigation and routing services.


"We have found the Qulix team to be motivated, competent and professional. Qulix Systems has helped WayFinder AB develop a really unique navigation system which has no analogues in the world. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them." 

Stefan Bengtsson, VP of Engineering

Target area

Programming languages: C/C++

Technologies: CVS, Embedded Visual Studio 4.0, WTL, Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 SDK, Microsoft Smartphone

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