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Print Order Management Solution

Developer:  Itransition  |  all projects

The software maintains perfect relationships between 3D prints in progress and the customer record to which the 3D print belongs. The solution provides accurate and timely information for accounting with regard to completed shipments, billable revenue and splits between product revenue and shipping revenue. It also provides transparent time and production management, in particular it tracks performance of the overall production system, total time to manufacture, time on each step in the process and total hands on time. 

Z Corporation Print Order Management system receives customer order data from various eCommerce systems, starts 3D printing and tracks orders statuses throughout the printing process. The solution is based on ASP.NET technology with the use of ASP.NET AJAX and SQL Server Reporting Services. The easy-to-use interface is compatible with Z Corporation corporate identity and has rich functionality. The key challenges were achieved: customer 3D print orders are now related with their records (business challenge) and the new application is integrated into the existent Z Corporation infrastructure (technological challenge). The solution enables time savings in the process of order management. At present Itransition specialists are starting version 2.0 of the application.

Resources expended: 12 staff-months

Customer(-s): Z Corporation, USA. Z Corporation is one of the biggest producers of 3D printers that sell globally in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, architecture, education, geospatial industries, entertainment, etc. Its customers include Sony, Adidas, Canon, Kodak, NASA, BMW, Porsche, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Harvard, and Yale.


"I just wanted to say that working with you and your team has been a great experience due to your knowledge and understanding of application needs, organized team, and offering great support at all times. Thanks for all your support."
Sophy Kruth, Application Engineer, Z Corporation

Target area

Programming languages: C#

Technologies: ASP.NET, MS AJAX, MS SQL

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