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Car Dealership Management System

Developer:  Itransition  |  all projects

The goal of the project was to build an effective tool to manage a network of auto-mobile dealerships that sell Toyota and Lexus cars. By building this system Itransition helps the Customer to reach the following goals:

  • To increase the effectiveness of Customer's departments;
  • To ensure effective growth of the company;
  • To apply Customer's experience in Toyota Motor's innovative technologies.
Solution: The TOCIS II system is built with the use of open source solutions. This eliminates any license payments and leads to the reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO). The system is based on web technologies. It ensures a high level of scalability the addition of new dealerships is performed by system customization. TOCIS II is highly adaptive to customer business processes due to the use of Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). This language allows each dealership of the holding to have its own version of business processes. The multi-level architecture ensures low cost of introduction of changes into the system. The architecture includes presentation, business logic and database layers. Results: The TOSIS system is officially recommended by Toyota Motor to be implemented in all dealerships that sell and provide maintenance of Toyota and Lexus cars.

The following stages of the project have been completed:
  • Exploratory design of the enterprise;
  • Description of business processes;
  • Technical prototype creation.

At present the first part of functionality is being developed it will support processes of aftersales service and tools sales.

Resources expended: 69 staff-years

Customer(-s): JV Business Car Co. Ltd., an official Toyota dealership in Russia

Review(-s): "We've selected our IT partner for this project from numerous vendors. Itransition was the best one because they demonstrated great maturity of processes and systematic approach to problem solving. We hardly managed to describe an issue, when Itransition specialists offered, how to solve it." 

Aleksey Voronoy, CIO JV Business Car Co. Ltd.

Target area

Programming languages: Java, BPEL

Technologies: Java

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