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Next generation voice mail system (NGVM), Speech Design Carrier Systems GmbH

Developer:  Altoros Development  |  all projects

The purpose of the project is to assist Speech Design Carrier Systems GmbH (SD) in development of next generation voice mail system (NGVM) and deliver several working packages for NGVM:

  • Lawful Interception adapter and SPTP protocol
  • SMPP protocol adapter (client / server)
  • Statistic & Reporting View Renderer
  • Provisioning adapter
  • THOR Dashboard
  • Call Flow Design (SCE)
The primary goal is to deliver high-quality software that meets SD software requirements. Developed components (modules) should be robust, stable and reliable, providing high availability, scalability, dynamic configuration, monitoring and trapping functionality. All developed services (modules) should conform to the architecture and rules of existing SDSC framework. Modules have to be developed in Java, running under JBOSS or TOMCAT application servers. The development process has to deal with the creation of HA Services, which are separate piece of code with specific part of the functionality of SDCS application. These HA Services are started, stopped and explored by the HA Manager which is part of the SDSC framework.
The services should be developed according to the requirements of:
High Availability is a common requirement in telephony services. HA Services and applications which are not able to handle incoming messages because of one or more functionality lack, have to communicate their loss of availability to other services depending on them.
Services should meet the requirement to be extended in case a higher performance or higher throughput is needed. To archive such an enhancement, they have to be implemented stateless.
For static and dynamic configuration purpose, SD takes account of the convenience of the SPRING configuration framework.
Relevant classes shall be instantiated via SPRING configuration files in order to ensure a seamless integration into the existing THOR services configuration.

Resources expended: 8.500 man/hour for development/testing/maintenance (currently)

Customer(-s): Speech Design Carrier Systems GmbH, a leading European provider of messaging and mobility solutions for the corporate and carrier markets.

Target area

Programming languages: J2EE, Spring 2.5, JDBC, VoiceXML 2.0, Jasper Reports

Technologies: RHEL Linux 64bit, Tomcat Application Server

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