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Today, there are 684 resident companies in Belarus Hi-Tech Park which are engaged in high-end software development, customization and IT services delivery for clients in more than 67 countries of the world.

If you are looking for a business partner or a software services provider, please use our HTP resident companies database for better choice.

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TUT BY MEDIA LLC was founded in 2009, the main office is based in Minsk, the company has branches in Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Grodno and Gomel. The average number of employees is 157 people as of 2019.

Specialization: advertising and other services carried out via the global computer network Internet using software developed with the participation of the company.

Our products are the information and service site TUT.BY, which occupies a leading position in Belarus. Other company's products include a mobile version of the smart.tut.by website, the kupi.tut.by marketplace, Android and iOS applications: tut.by, afisha.tut.by, finance.tut.by and others.

In addition to products which directly ensure the functioning of information resources, the company develops and uses software that allows providing advertising services with the maximum convenience for advertisers: a technology platform for managing advertising on the website, collecting statistics and analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, a system for reservation and booking of advertising spots etc. The company's products are used to provide advertising services in the b2b segment.

Technologies: LNMP, sphinx, redis, WEB analytics technologies, PHP software, JavaScript, Perl, C / C ++, XML/HTML/XSLT.

The portal uses the MySQL, MongoDb, and ClickHouse DBMS. To ensure fault tolerance and scaling, all DBMSs operate in cluster mode. The OS is Linux.

Mobile versions are developed for iOS and Android platforms. Technologies and programming languages: Java, Kotlin, Swift.

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Twistellar company - a Belarusian organization – software developer, official Salesforce partner. Founded in 2017, Twistellar focuses on developing applications and business automation projects on Salesforce platform for industrial, bank, retail, medicine, science, transport, media sectors. Technologies applied: APEX, Visualforce, Lightning, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Native JS, Angular.js, MEAN Stack, Python, JAVA etc. Currently 25 people are employed in Minsk. Twistellar is cooperating with world leading companies, working on US, European and Asian markets.

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The company develops software and hardware solutions in the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency mining.

Key services:

- cryptocurrency mining

- building of data centers

- software for FPGA and GPU, bitstreams

- software for mining, pools, mining clients

- monitoring systems

- exchange and trading solutions

- intergration of software solutions into equipment

In 2018, the largest mining data center in Belarus was built in Minsk, ready to accommodate 6,000 GPU and FPGA. It contains the latest and most highly efficient engineering solutions.

UMCO's team consists of 8 employees who are capable of working with the latest tools required in the industry, such as Ethereum, Verilog/VHDL, ?+, Java, PHP and so on.

The company also pays much attention to its research and development activities aimed at the development of energy-efficient software and hardware systems.  

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UNEXBIOTECH LLC operates in the field of biotechnology development. The company was established in 2014. The staff is 3 people. Specialization of the Company is development of unique products for feeding farm animals with a high content of protected (by-pass) proteins, stable starches and fats, as well as the development and implementation of the unique biotechnology products in feeding farm animals.

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Unibelus ITC provides services for integrating the automation of technical aspects of development, supply, equipment and launch events of engineering systems. Created solutions automate processes of companies and combine the resources of the enterprise departments.

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The Belarusian company “Unic Lab” was founded in 2016. It is focused on hardware and software development of energy control and measurement automated systems as well as smart home systems.

The company uses


  1. Such operational systems as Windows, Linux, Android, Apple iOS;
  2. Such languages as C/C++, Python, Unix shell;
  3. Such environments as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, QT Creator, IAR ARM.


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“Dots Bel” LLC is a domestic, software developing organization. The company was founded in 2019 and specializes in providing consulting services in the field of IT, as well as the development of software and information technology - a platform in the field of information security in such areas as industry, banking, agriculture and retail. The technologies that are currently used are Apple iOS, Android OS, programming languages Swift, Python, C ++ and others. Currently, the staff has 4 employees in Minsk.

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UREMONT was founded in 2016, specializes in the development of software products, the provision of services for the implementation of information systems in areas such as car repair and corporate fleet maintenance. When developing software for the aggregator platform, the most relevant web technologies and mobile technologies are used: Yii2, + React.js, Swift, Kotlin.

Many domestic and foreign enterprises collaborate with the company.

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