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Today, there are 684 resident companies in Belarus Hi-Tech Park which are engaged in high-end software development, customization and IT services delivery for clients in more than 67 countries of the world.

If you are looking for a business partner or a software services provider, please use our HTP resident companies database for better choice.

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Humans IT is an R&D center for software development with competencies in JavaScript, HTML5, C++, Erlang/XMPP, Java (Android), Swift (iOS) and Python. It is an exemplary Teal organization using SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) processes.

Using data science and AI, the ecosystem will be able to catalogue skills, knowledge and characteristics of billions of humans all over the world. With the help of smart contracts and transparent, secure transactions across the blockchain, the platform will be able to serve as a global human resource bank for individuals and businesses everywhere.

The company is transforming the platform into the world’s largest and most trusted fully decentralized peer-to-peer network.

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MAPSOFT was established in 2002 in Belarus. The company specializes in software development and providing of related services like software implementation and maintenance of information systems.

Company’s main activities are development and implementation of new information technologies, advanced software and hardware solutions in budget financed organizations.

Some of the key features:

· Automated management systems of health establishments on the basis of medical records and patient’s history.

· Online coupon booking system (appointments to doctors).

· E-queue system in medical institutions

· Call-center integrated systems.

· Medical expert systems and decision support systems

· Automated informational systems for medicines stocktaking.

· Automated personnel registration systems, systems for financial activities.

High quality of software and services provided by the company were prized at various professional contests.

The company received gratitude from Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus for professional development, implementation and support of the system responsible for accounting and financial security of the governmental institutions under control of Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

For high level of economic activities Mapsoft was prized as the "Best entrepreneur of 2009 in Belarus" and the "Best entrepreneur of 2010 in Minsk Region (services)", "Best entrepreneur of 2012 in Minsk Region (IT)."

In 2011 Mapsoft was awarded with a professional award "Golden Byte 2011" for "Dynamic implementation of informational technologies in the Republic of Belarus."

More than 100 high-qualified specialists work for the company at the moment. The company has its offices in all regional centers and large cities of the country, amongst them: Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Baranovichi, Bobruisk, Mozir, Molodechno, Pinsk, Polotsk.

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The company was established in 2019, there are no branches, the number of employees is 56 people, specialization is products for the automation of the dental industry and the development of competencies in the field of dentistry, ISO9001 certified.

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Orion Soft is a fast growing Belarusian software provider. The company was founded in 2018, it covers full cycle development, implementation of information systems and also provides a range of other IT services.

The key and most demanded industries among the company’s clients are E-commerce, Fintech, main, but not the only technologies in development. At the moment, the headquarters in Education, Culture and Banking sector. Orion Soft uses Java, JavaScript, Xamarin, Ruby, PHP and .NET as the Minsk has 21 employees. Communication is established with 10 domestic and foreign companies (Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Israel).

The company develops new projects for clients in the field of Fintech and Virtual Reality, at the same time improving its skills in Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Blockchain and the Internet of Things.

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PSA DC is a development center of Professional Software Associates, Inc., an American software engineering company. PSA DC was founded in 2016 and provides application, system and embedded software development services in such fields as Manufacturing and Transportation.

The company operates in the B2B sector, providing technical solutions for Linux and Web platforms using programming languages like C, ?++, JavaScript, and a web technology stack. The company currently employs 28 specialists.

PSA DC’s target market is the USA, where the major end consumers are leading international manufacturers of railway equipment and transport. 

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The company was founded in 2013. There are 35 employees at the moment. The software created by the company is intended to support the activities of brokers, traders, banks and other financial institutions. Main programming languages are Python, PHP, Golang.

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At a glance
With HQs inHouston, TX, and the major service delivery centers located in Minsk, Belarus, Softeq has been providingfull-cycle software development services to global clients since 1997.Technical solutions on the cutting edge of innovation have been our passion since day one, and our unique hardware and application-level expertise have made Softeq an all-in-one solution provider for electronics companies and business innovators.

Softeq for Wearables and the Internet of Things 
With extensive expertise in hardware design, low-level programming and communication with all types of sensors, Softeq has all-round capabilities in-house to support all stages of new connected product development. We leverage engineering, data management, web and mobility skills to contribute to comprehensive solutions for wearables and the Internet of Things: from fitness trackers, smart watches and AR glasses to smart home, lab automation and robotics. 

Softeq service offering covers four major areas: 
 embeddedsoftware:firmware, middleware, DSP, Embedded Linux solutions and more
 enterprise-class web solutionson Java, .NET, PHP, SaaS and Cloud-ready apps
 mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows, Xamarin, Unity)

Experiences, agile and result-oriented, 200+ strong engineering team makes a unique offering for clients seeking full-stack services that include software development and R&D, proof-of-concept applications building, and bringing together ideas, goals and instruments to deliver solutions that flexibly respond to the clients’ business needs.
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Core Competencies
 Softeq is uniquely positioned to deliver the full cycle of product development to electronics manufacturers and device makers: from hardware and PCB design,enclosure design and rapid prototyping, including manufacturing of a sample product,through firmware, drivers,server apps, to mobile applications featuring web back-end with complex data processing and analytics. Be it a new form-factor or an application area for an existing device, our engineers, designers and programmers will help extract business value out of a mere opportunity.

 Softeq is a leading embedded software development company with world-class niche skills in firmware development, micro-controller programming and sensor-rich solutions. We offer embedded systems development, including system-level apps, driver and middleware development, and performance optimization services, to ensure your hardware delivers the maximumROI.

 We help enterprises leverage the full potential of the latest ITC software, products, and infrastructure, through comprehensiveEnterprise Web solutions with secure data processing and complex analytics in the backend. We have exceptional skills in developing high-load distributed systems that are scalable, secure and powerful, and deliver excellent user experience to the end-user. Our focus areas are eCommerce, eLearning, Content Management (ECM, CMS, DMS), Workflow Management, Web Portals, BI and Analytics, stress-resistantweb backendsfor mobile apps and wearable tech solutions.

We developa variety of mobile solutions, from Enterprise Mobility and VoIP/IM solutions through mobile web to mobile games. Our domain expertise spans digital imaging, event management, LBS apps, apps for mobile gadgets and smart accessories, content distribution and media streaming, systems apps and utilities.Our platform competencies are particularly strong iniOS, Android, Windows, native, hybrid, and cross-platform development, including Xamarin development and Unity programming, as well application porting across all major platforms.

Client Base
Softeq has been always most interested in long-term partnershipswith mutual trust rather than short-term profit. As Softeq deals with the core intellectual property, patents, and technology innovations, we rigidly observe data security rules (as required by ISO 27002 standard) and guarantee a mature, motivated attitude.

Our client base includes multiple Fortune 500 companies and the world’s leading high tech leaders such as Epson, NVIDIA, Samsung, Disney,HP, Atlas Copco. Since 2013, Softeq has been the preferred mobile development partner for Nike.
The largest Offshore Development Center that Softeq launched and was managing for 7 years counted 115 FTEs at peak and was serving the global, geographically distributed R&D product development departments of SanDisk, a top Silicon Valley resident.

Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency, Java Certified Programmers, Certified SCRUM Masters, Disney SyncLink™ technology licensee, multiple international patents.

In 2015 Softeq was recognized as a Top Wearable App Developer by Clutch Research, as well as listed among the world`s best Java and .NET software engineering companies. 
In 2014, a Unity fighting game "Fright Fight" developed by zGames,Softeq's mobile game development studio, won the Grand Prize as the best mobile game of the year at DevGAMM International Conference. 
In 2013 Softeq won a gold Stevie® Award and became "The Company of the Year" in the Electronics category of The 10th Annual International Business Awards.We made it to the finals in the "Social Corporate Responsibility" and "IT HR Brand" categories of the Belarusian IT Awards. Also, Softeq secured a silver medal in the "151-300 Employees" category of the Best IT Companies Awards 2013. 
In 2012, zGames, Softeq's mobile game development studio, won the Pong® Indie Developer Challenge by Atari having beaten almost 100 competitors. 
In 2011 Softeq’s focus on quality and high standard of service was recognized with a "Golden Byte" award from HTP as "Best Foreign Development Center" in Belarus.

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Information Unitary Enterprise "Specific-Group Software Development Division" develops high-quality custom software. We are an International company with the offices in Belarus, Austria, Germany, USA, Slovakia. 

Customer relations and project management take place mainly in the USA and European countries. The software development takes place in Belarus: Minsk and Grodno. This advantageous working setup enables us to work effectively and implement the experience preferably in financial development to our customers. Among the brands that have relied on Specific-Group for their software development needs there are: Raiffeisen Bank, UniCredit Group, Sberbank, Panasonic, Kapsch and others.  

Our main focus is developing software applications using the programming languages C# .NET, Java, C++. However, we support a number of other technologies as well. 

The Company became a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park in 2013. Today we have 70+ employees in Belarus. 

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For years of work TODES Ltd has developed more than 20 large state-level information systems.

The main customers of our company are the following:

Republic of Belarus

  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • The State Security Committee;
  • The State Border Committee;
  • The Investigation Committee;
  • The Presidential Administration;
  • The State Committee of forensic examinations;
  • The Ministry of Taxes and Charges;
  • The Supreme Court;
  • The Ministry of Justice.

 Republic of Kazakhstan

  • The National Security Committee;
  • The Central Election Commission.


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XB Software is a full-cycle software development company based in Minsk, Belarus. We also create and develop own web products and IT solutions. Our company has a strong and dedicated team of certified IT specialists engaged in web & mobile app development, business analysis, design, quality assurance and software testing, and other.

XB Software has produced a powerful UI widgets library Webix which allows creating cutting-edge HTML5-based web applications.
Our technology expertise includes a range of frontend and backend technologies. The key technologies include React.js, Marionette.js, Webix, Node.js, PHP/Laravel, .NET, etc. We also use cross-platform frameworks and technologies, such as PhoneGap and Webix JavaScript UI library, which allow creating consumer-centric and business applications for different industries.
Besides, XB Software has significant experience working with geodata (Google, Bing, OpenStreetMap, Yandex, Nokia).

Within 9+ years we have successfully completed over 150 projects for our customers, and sold our IT products in 65+ countries over the globe. Most of our clients are located in the USA, Canada and the European Union and represent various branches of economy: logistics, finance, medicine, education, social networking, etc.

The key solutions developed by our software developing company include GPS fleet management systems, IEP and RTI software, education software, data visualization software, video chat apps, ERP solutions, and more.

XB Software company has received different industry awards:

  • Clutch.co - Top Developers of Belarus, 2017
  • Top 10 Best Website Management Firms, 2017
  • Top 10 Best Web Firms, 2017
  • Clutch.co - Top Software Testing Firms, 2016
  • Top 10 HTML5 App Developers, 2016
  • Clutch.co - Top 15 Web and Software Developers from Belarus, 2015

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