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VIZOR GAMES, Limited liability company

VIZOR GAMES is one of the leading developers of multiplayer games for social networks. Our products comprise exciting plots, highly detailed and attractive image, handy interfaceand high quality of development! Because of this they are among the most popular apps in social networks, such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Moy Mir. At the moment, the company is coming into the market as a developer of mobile applications. The team of VIZOR GAMES numbers 138 professionals and is growing bigger.

We use the following technologies and programming languages:

  • Java 1.7/1.8, Jetty Application Server, Tomcat Application Server, NoSQL databases: Cassandra, Hazelcast, Servlets, Java Multithreading and others (Server Side);
  • Java, C/C++, Objective C, Android, iOS, OpenGL ES, Ruby, 2D&3D Graphics and other technologies connected with development on mobile platforms;
  • ActionScript 3, Flash, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX and other tools of web-development.

Target Activities:

IT projects:

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