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Lermontova Str., 29, 2., Grodno, Belarus, 230029.



+375 152 68 03 03


*instinctools Ltd

*instinctools is a custom software and web application development company, working under an offshore service delivery model. We provide dedicated teams of specialists for full-cycle development processes: business analytics, consulting, project management, development, quality assurance, documentation and business process engineering for IT projects.

What makes us unique:

        Stable teams & direct communication with specialists

        Full transparency with daily reporting

        Deep involvement in your processes

        Wide range of engineers from analysts to maintenance

        Advantageous costs

        Available for onsite visits

Industry focus:

1.     Information technologies

2.      Sales and Marketing. Digital Marketing

3.     Healthcare

4.     Education

5.     Cryptocurrency

Technologies: Java, JavaScript/React/Angular/Meteor/ Babel/D3.js/Backbone, Blockchain (Cryptocurrency, Etherium, Smart Contract, Hyper Ledger), Node.js, iOS, Android, Hybris, Xamarin, ?#/.NET, PHP, RoR, Embedded, Solidity.

You need a lot we deliver more!

Target Activities:

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