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Studying, networking, sharing ideas and creative atmosphere coworking space is a special innovative environment where those who have ideas meet those who can help to implement them.

This is 1,300 square meters of open space designed for communication and collaboration. You can enjoy a comfortable working area, well-equipped meeting rooms, a special space for public events, a relaxation area and a café.

Coworking adds to the development of the startup community by offering favorable environment for projects acceleration and commercialization.

This is a magnet for talent, energy and expertise:

 educational courses, seminars and other activities for startuppers;

 workshops conducted by experts in various business areas who have valuable knowledge and practical experience to share;

 meeting place for startuppers, experts and investors;

 opportunity to communicate, exchange ideas and create new projects;

 place for independent or joint work of innovation and entrepreneurship course participants.

HTP Business Incubator Invites Startups

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